Mutual Management

All the advantages of working with this account can be found here:. But remember, this type of bank deposits are not insured. In the case of bankruptcy of the bank you will lose everything. The fourth method, which opens before you – is to use their money to buy luxury items. The way that say, risky – but in recent years antiques and contemporary art steadily rise in price by 20-40% a year, that is, without doubt, the best income of all possible. Finally, the last, the fifth method, which we want to tell you – it’s mutual fund (PIF). By joining the MIF, you are actually buying part of a package of securities management company. Thus, you offers its securities reliable and competent management, and even win in income (usually 13-15% per annum). Incidentally, an analog of the mutual fund you can arrange themselves. To arrange this with your friends on money (you have one and hardly enough) and buy “a purse” apartment. Real estate becomes more expensive for at least 8% a year, still about the same you can get by renting it out. Total 16% – quite a competitive figure. Although it is This method is not relevant. Many analysts are predicting falling prices in the market “overheated” real estate. And after the local rate, the demand for rental housing starts to fall, respectively, and rental prices will go down. Here, perhaps, and all the basic ways of allocating capital with low risk of loss. If you spend a little time to manage their already placed, asset management, I am sure, will be able to increase the annual interest earned on any of the these types of investments. But to manage the assets you need every day. Once a month or a year to come and pick up the interest, or rather what remained of the lessons for you as for me, is a luxury. Investing is not tolerate the absence of the owner. On investments with medium and high risk, you can read and ask questions here:. But this method of investment is suitable only for those who are willing to assume full responsibility for the management, preservation and increase of their own money. Remember, not all the fault of negros, no government, so, yes such things once, and do not hit the road administrator, and you and you alone, because the time was not the right decision.