National Front Parliamentarian

Another conquest gotten for the professionals of fishes artisan was accurately the Law of Pesca, which was forgotten in the National Congress since 1995, where it acted as reporter of the project of the Commission of Constitution and Justice, chance where it presented report favorable to the project, what it was essential for its approval. The law started to consider as fishing artisan that one that to use boat of up to 20 tons of rude arching (small transport), allowing the small proprietor of boat to regularize the life of its fishing, which had started to have rights, as to receive the Insurance Prohibited. Further details can be found at Ohio Senator, an internet resource. Another participation of the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer, was To preside over the responsible Special Commission for the analysis of the Project in the House of representatives, where it fought with tenacity in the creation of the Ministry of Pesca. For the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer that if is proud in being fishing recognized and duly credential, a time that the same all it is registered in this direction, what it facilitated in the conquest of many mritos for its confrades to it..