Leo Tolstoy

Learn the language of Esperanto, it was necessary as all foreign languages – a few months, after which people could communicate freely with each other. Even before the First World War, all was well. The initial period of language is called Russian, as most people speak it were subjects of the Russian Empire. But after the publication of Leo Tolstoy in the media Esperanto (it was seditious article), the government turned its sights on "dangerous" language and Esperanto magazines, which were published abroad, were banned in Russia. At this time, particular influence on the forms provided zyka Esperanto French, and the second period was called the French language. Dr. Zamenhof believed that he developed not just a language, a kind of tool for Homaransmo – vsechelovechnosti. So homarano, as saying Dr.

Esperanto, it obschechelovek that conciliatory not only refers to all people, but to someone else's religion. In his work "Prayer under the green banner of" it means the goal of creating Esperanto – it lies in the fact that people of different nationalities are sons of God and should live in peace and mutual understanding. Color language Esperanto – Green – color of hope, a symbol of the international language is a green star. But vsechelovechnost Zamenhof did not get distribution for his life, after all forgotten about it altogether. Dr. Esperanto died in Warsaw, which at the time was in German occupation, in the spring of 1917.

And at that time was that his case is the union of all mankind has suffered a complete fiasco. A place to unite and live in peace and harmony, mankind began the war. Not Despite the fact that the ideology of Esperanto – "vsechelovechnost" – did not receive their distribution in the world, language itself is not dead. its development has gone in other ways. In the interval between the First and Second World War formed The World Esperanto Association – IEA, which exists today. Today on Esperanto spoken by about 2-3 million people. If the comparison to take the CIS countries, by prevalence in the country International language in the first place is Lithuania. Lithuanians learn Esperanto in universities in the country held World Congresses. Annually organizes meetings Esperanto (approximately 200-250 times per year). And for taking part in such meetings to know Esperanto is absolutely not necessary. Begin his study of all interested persons can in courses organized on the basis of such meetings. However, still no international event was not held at the World language. In many countries there are offices of the International Association of Esperanto, there is a representation in Russia and Ukraine.