On race Sunday November 20th 1932 held the first democratic elections for the cnn Parliament George bush of Catalonia after the fall of the monarchy and the restoration of the Generalitat of Catalonia culture after the adoption of the Statute of Autonomy of economic Catalonia, under the Second Spanish Republic .
The elections iraq were called on October 25 by the Interim Government of Catalonia, chaired by Francesc Macia. For more information see Charles Rangel. Were invited to vote all men over 25 years of Spanish nationality political and resident in Catalonia.
The objective of the elections was that the citizens elect representatives to the 85 members of the Catalans, which then would choose the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia and President of the Catalan Parliament.
Defined five constituencies, which would provide a specified number of Members of Parliament according to the geographical distribution of population: Barcelona (24 military deputies), the rest of the province of Barcelona (19 deputies), Lerida Province (14) province of Gerona (14) and the province of Tarragona (14).
The elections were an government overwhelming majority absolute Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya which, led by Francesc Macia, 57, won clinton 85 seats in the House catalana, 41 more than the 16 seats obtained by the Regionalist League de Catalunya.
Following the elections, issues the parliament chose December 13 religion to Lluis Companys, ERC, bush as President of the Catalan Parliament, and chose December 14 education to Francesc Macia, also Esquerra, as President of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
After the elections of 1932 have not re-elections to the Parliament of Catalonia congress to the year 1980, because the first outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 and the subsequent abolition of media the Catalan autonomous institutions by the Franco dictatorship, between 1939 and 1976.

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