Patagonia Defense Council

After almost two hours of meeting between the pre-candidato of the left, Jorge Arrate and managers of the Patagonia Defense Council (CDP), the presidential highlighted matching thematic of the crusade Patagonia without dams with the line of his work in the race to La Moneda, since both dealt with since the energy policy, the environment, territorial balance to the model of development and social equity. The motorcade of the CDP, comprising Flavia Liberona and Paola Vasconi of Terram, Patricio Rodrigo and Hernan Sandoval Chile environment, Juan Pablo Orrego de Ecosistemas, Hernan Mladinic of Foundation Pumalin and Manuel Baquedano of the Institute of political ecology, delivered to the candidate and his campaign, Roberto Pizarro, Chief arguments in defense of the heart of Patagonia. Aysen is a region with own project: Aysen Reserva de Vida, that would be destroyed by an energetic enclave of a consortium transnational Chilean-Italo-hispano (Colbun/Endesa Spain-Enel), said the Executive Secretary of the CDP, Patricio Rodrigo. The water was also a relevant topic in the meeting with the former Minister of Aylwin and Frei, today day HidroAysen has no water rights to finalize the draft submitted to the environmental impact assessment system, since last October the DGA denied the request of 5 new rights of water use in the Baker and Pascua rivers considered in the resolution that they are incompatible with the Constitution of the right requested. This due to the points of capture and refund requested by the company found within the flood area of rights already constituted in the year 90? by the original owner of these rights, Endesa. Within the dialogue, Jorge Arrate said a human data about its commitment to the Patagonia without dams campaign, explaining that for some time he is member of a Facebook group linked to the motto. Finally, the candidate of the left stressed that the presidential campaign is an opportunity to open public debate and, in that regard, the Patagonia without dams campaign is a matter of priority.