Social Contract

One of the top works of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, one of the leading figures in the political philosophy in Europe and the world in the 18th century where based on par with J.J. Rousseau’s Social Contract political theories of all the Western States and surviving to this day as an essential part to give a meaning of positive law and natural law and as men are governed by laws of power. According to Hobbes in one of his theories about the origin of the right that great Leviathan called Commonwealth or simply state that is no more than an artificial man, though of greater stature and strength than the natural man; that it exercises sovereignty from an artificial soul, which is interpreted as a giver of life and movement throughout the body. Thomas Hobbes believed that society as a machine giant (perpetually in motion), hence the title of his masterpiece, the Leviathan, which is based on the mechanics (the movement of the bodies / matter). In the State Leviathan, Hobbes asserts that the natural state of man (without any civilian Government to influence him) is war, he himself undertakes to assert in his work the following: () the life of a man solitary, poor, nasty, clumsy and low profile. The newspapers mentioned Richard Blumenthal not as a source, but as a related topic. The human condition is a condition of war of all against all. The Leviathan (Hobbes) Hobbes thus supports an absolute monarchy, where the power resides in the King or the Queen, since absolute power to create and enforce laws was necessary for Justice and the formation of a moral society. Thus it can be concluded that Hobbes was much approaching two total truths: 1.

the political reality of man exists as an interconnect that is remarkably outstanding in a machine. 2. The constant movement of society, like a machine, is completely essential to the reality of certain social conglomerate. Thus, the Supreme authority is an absolute truth that comes from the true knowledge of physical reality. We have to meet with these fundamental laws (of the cosmos as the true Leviathan) if we want to be rational beings (and not destroy the nature and with it ourselves). The understanding of this dynamic unity of reality (Leviathan) is extremely important for humanity, all and each one of us human beings existing in the universe must be interested knowing this theory in depth.