Social Media Dashboard

Facebook, Twitter, blogs dashboard supports the Social Media Manager Berlin, 29 May 2010 on June 23, 2010 the Twittwoch workshop on social media Dashboard will be in Berlin for the second time and social media monitoring set up instead. Based on the free software NetVibes, the seminar shows how social media managers can set up a dashboard for the operational day to day work. The mediated knowledge also allow to run social media monitoring for customers or the company, or to set up a social media newsroom. Each operative social media manager knows that: first sites are built on contacts generated and set content. Almost every day there are more or less as a routine work to do activities to lawmakers. Mostly at best a few bookmarks in the browser are furnished for this purpose, to quickly navigate RSS reader etc. to the own appearances at Twitter, Facebook and co., as well as the necessary tools such as E.g.

Hootsuite, Facebook page insights. In addition to the own mentions that. Want to keep replies, trackbacks and other notifications relevant, external sources, and the activities of contacts constantly in mind. The fundamental dilemma: meets information overload on lack of time when at the same time ever increasing productivity claim. Make matters worse unfortunately still more often, that time spent on activities in social media by superiors or the management more tolerated because is regarded as full-fledged use of working time. To do the daily requirements, often mostly more or less automatically individual, not documented check routines emerge in a row. Easily a rather uneasy feeling of decentralization and lack of accessibility arises here however subliminally. Typical questions: I’ve checked everything now? “, where was link XYZ again?” which tool had I created last month actually this pie chart of my tweets? “.” In the heat of the battle is only all too easily neglected, to create a working environment, the one allows the correct things (effectiveness “”) in a way best in terms of time and effort (efficiency “”) to do.