Type Complex

To solve "Trash" the problem the government proposes garbage company to take this problem as terrible waste threatens human activities in space. As you might guess, the money for all campaign on garbage disposal, the government is not going to allocate. This anime is devoted to adventure garbage brigade under the command of a regular guy in one of the most polluted corners of the cosmos. Also One of the reasons to watch this anime, is that the authors very well the features of the cosmos, because a vacuum, and the sound is not there. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex / Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex tv / Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex anime Type: Serial (52 episodes). Type Science Fiction: Artificial Intelligence (AI), the mechanical body, the transfer of intelligence.

Do not confuse this series with a pair of films with the same name – these movies from the same series, but have nothing in common with each other. Series much more dynamic, contains more philosophy and the viewer is immersed in a better one futuristic world with a mass of advanced technology that teaches authors. GitS: sac – an acronym for which there is a place in the near future, where the transfer of intelligence and mechanical body became commonplace, and it will surprise nobody. Already there is the line between man and machine, artificial intelligence is not distinguished from the mind of man. However, the convergence of living organisms and machines was fraught with dangerous consequences, an attacker hitherto unprecedented opportunities to manipulate the human mind.