Who Is The Tata Group ?

Many stakeholders in the conduct of business, scope, impact can generate a consolidated group in the world, such as the Tata Group. Group has been growing, conquering mercadosy that for those interested in these issues are a real case study is known, that the Tata Group is an Indian industrial conglomerate founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1860. In India, Tata is one of the most respected business groups and old. Its presence extends to Asia, Europe, America and Africa. It's very interesting what they co115w senalaa. col115. mail. , Trachea c hen one thinks of India quickly associated words such as meditation, Hinduism inequality among others.

But India is a country that offers trips to meditate, reflect and maybe find yourself. However, in recent years has emerged from the global policy (because it was well known in India) a powerful business group, 100% Indian origin. We are talking to Tata Group, which has become a giant Indian industrial progress strongly abroad. And how does this happen? It all started back in 1868 when Jamsetji Tata decided to set up the company that bears his name, many have that all was because at the time, of Indian origin he was prevented from entering the most luxurious hotel in Bombay. We must remember that at that time, the British were the colonizers of India. So he founded in 1902 Tata Jamsetji the luxurious Hotel Taj Mahal Mumbai where Hindus could enter freely. TATA group currently owns the hotel chain Taj Hotels, hotels located in various parts of the world and more and more increase the incomes of TATA group.