Democratic Party

Because, as he put it: "Families in Florida are suffering." – Public opinion poll showed that 67% of Americans favor lifting the ban on oil production with continental shelf of the United States, while 64% believe it will lead to lower prices. Change the opinion of Americans is understandable and reasonable, given that oil prices last year rose more than doubled to $ 130 per barrel, and gasoline now sells for $ 4 a gallon, which significantly beats on purses of ordinary Americans. All of this creates a problem for the Democrats. In the November election, Democrats appear as supporters of the high prices energy, higher taxes and slower economic growth – ie as a continuing policy of the past presidents: Jimmy Carter. Carter has already put into practice these methods, and this is any good has not resulted. At once after a speech by George W. Bush, top officials of the Democratic Party in Congress say such things on camera that if you compare their words with data from surveys of public opinion – this will be the destruction of their prospects in the presidential elections in November. For example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi), argued that "Bush's speech literally written by oil companies." Oilers have not written a speech for Bush. His words caused consistently growing demand for black Gold prices are increasing and decreasing oil supplies, not to mention the fact that Americans are skeptical that foreign suppliers will continue to provide the necessary volume of oil revenues.