Depth Of Field Or As Blur The Background On The Photos ?

This is a very commonly used effect is also very nice, allowing you to emphasize your main subject, no matter how he was not, flower, person, or a button. Make this the main element of the leading frame, and background blur and do not abrupt. Despite the fact that this effect is often used in film and in photographs of different genres, I'm sure it will remain popular because it is based primarily on the laws of optics, and even our own eyes. This may seem unusual, but modern digital photos monsters fundamentally not much different from their grandparents film. Only the film changed the CCD. The rest remained the same. Ironically, even receptions processing photos too remained same. But we slightly deviated themes our today conversation.

So blur background using possibilities itself camera rather its optical system (Lens). And without the intervention of editors, graphic photos. This can be done on any camera from film to digital SLRs and soap dishes. First switch the camera mode M – manual, normally switched disk on top of the camera or the menu. Next, change the focal length to the maximum, for this to SLR camera best approximate the image. And the soap dish using the maximum zoom, then there is also approximate object.

But do not use digital zoom, it does not affect the background blur. And in fact I would advise not to use it at all. Maximum open aperture setting A – aperture, if not strange to open it must reduce its numerical value, such as 3,5 or 2,8 or 1,2 in general set it as possible. And now closer to your subject as close as possible, but that the camera could focus on it and push button trigger! Hooray! Frame with maximum possible blurring of background for this camera received! This technique is often used in wedding photography, domain photos and portrait photography. As can be seen it was built entirely in the optical system and the camera itself. Good photographs and joyful creativity!