We are in times of elections and evidence of this, they are the comings and goings that happen between candidates who are sparing no praise to his adversaries. Politicians have sought to people from the artistic environment so that they integrate the lists, sportsmen, daughters or wives of; anything goes when adding popularity. And it’s not bad. It is not something Ohio Senator would like to discuss. Given that many of those who venture into the field of politics, they are probably things make; the delicacy of the case is that ever there was talk of projects or ideas, when in reality this should prevail. Even though they know it, simply interested continue clinging to power and do not mind the price to be paid. And they use who have on hand. This practice appeared with the Menem – to which all seek to ignore – when at the time praised as the best President that the country has ever had.

However, the mode is in effect. And they take advantage of it. Clearer of the inefficient thing that these political profession politicians have been shown, it is the quality of life of the inhabitants of a society that Live postponed for years, without being able to resolve their deepest questions pertaining to their lives. That degree of seriousness may have representatives who deal with their political opponents as if they were the worst enemies? Confidence can have when they halagan and then they insult as if nothing had happened and it is not one minor detail, it is not very serious people of this ilk in power. They have enormous ability to backtrack from what have been said five minutes earlier, and not blush at all. They speak of poverty as if they speak of something you knew, that they hate it – just see how they live-, only used in these times, when they walk built their expensive by walking through a poor neighborhood shoes and lifted a child full of snot for a photo which will then tour the news agencies.